Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Millions of Peaches...Peaches for me!

One of the best things about living in Alabama is being able to eat Chilton County peaches right off the trees.

It hasn't rained much in Alabama this summer, but it's still green in the orchard.

These are Elberta peaches from the Culp family orchard in Jemison.

Elbertas are larger and easier to eat than many early-season Alabama peaches. They are my second-favorite. My first favorite peach is the General Lee peach. General Lees have white flesh (big surprise there) and are very sweet. They are so hard to find that most people have never eaten a General Lee peach. I am a lucky girl. If I have a daughter I will call her "General Lee Peach Smith."

My mom has never eaten a General Lee.

She doesn't care.

I wish I lived in a peach tree.


Jason Harmon said...

I recognize that place.

susan said...

Yeah. I thought of you when I was there.


Brian T. Murphy said...

you know, hot summers and low doses of rain are good for peaches. this is supposed to be the best summer in a long time for peaches. less rain and high heat make them sweeter.

seriously. I can't make that crap up.

susan said...

I will verify that the peaches are pretty darn delicious this summer! I'm going to make some peachy ice cream this weekend.


Anonymous said...

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