Monday, July 10, 2006

Mahmudiyah: Mei Lei redivivus

Lt. William Calley circa 1970

I don't pretend to be a millitary historian, but I did meet William Calley at a jewelry store in Columbus Georgia one weekend after an Auburn ROTC military ball held at Fort Benning. He works there. He's not a big fan of people coming in just to look at him.

The recent talk of the "Mahmudiyah Incident" as it has come to be known coupled with my personal relationship with Lt. Calley has started me wondering. What if Mahmudiyah is this war's Mei Lei Massacre? And if so, what does that mean?

I've long wondered if Mei Lei was a sign that the war in Vietnam was over. Not won, but over. Now, I'm wondering if the war in Iraq is over. Not won, but over. Maybe. I've never really been against the war, but now I wonder if it is time for our troops to come home.

Steven D. Green circa 2006

Mostly, both of these stories make me sad, because of the incidents themselves and for the tarnish I fear they place upon the reputation of our worthy soldiers.

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