Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cooking Out at Chez Smiff

We cooked out with our friends Manley and Rebekka last night and had a great time. We love those guys. David and Rebekka didn't make this picture for some reason! A lot of my hair fell out when I was sick last year. It's growing in curly and red. Being me, I take this as a sign. Of what though? (BTW, I'm the one sitting down, not the red-head with the extra pair of legs.)
We had ribeye steaks,grilled asparagus, roasted new potatoes, fried green tomatoes and Elberta peach ice cream. (And lots of wine.) The food was nice, the company was better.


Rebekka said...

Yes! That meal was so fabulous. Su, you and I can talk a LOT! I love it! Poor husbands! We had the greatest time. And I must add, (and I told Susan this that night) that she is the closest thing to a real Southern Belle that I have ever met.

susan said...

Pshaw, girl. Shut your mouth.