Thursday, July 20, 2006

Be careful, Gretel! I see a bee!

This weekend, David's mom gave me these little Hummel children to hang on the wall. They're really old. I like them a great deal, but I'm not sure why. It probably has something to do with their little fat faces, mouths ajar in horror at the prospect of assault by the dumbly old bumble bee. Bumble bees are too fat to be aggressive. They're just happy they can fly.

When we first got married,David's mom didn't like me very much. Truth be told, she didn't know me very well and was probably skeptical about my intentions. I think she likes me now, and I like her now, too. She's got a lot of good qualities. (The least of which not being that she lets me float around in her swimming pool in a big blue chair like a princess.)

I'm grateful for the progress we've made.

And on another mom gave me this for our anniversiary. It's our wedding invitation with flowers painted on it. I love it.

Also, Corduroy Dog doesn't like to be waked up by the camera flash, but I think she is very cute.


DS in Southside said...

I'm grateful for progress as well, both between you and her and between me and her.

You float in the pool like a princess because you are a princess. And when you get out of the pool, you are the lobster princess.

My mom probably was skeptical of your intentions at first, since I had such a high paying job and because of our vast family wealth.

susan said...

My parents were skeptical of you for the very same reasons! They didn't want me to move to Tullahoma and start hanging out at the Country Club eating roasted piggies. Isn't that funny? We could have saved them so much worry.

I AM the Lobster Princess.


Anonymous said...

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