Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The God of Melted Faces (and a little fruit salad)

Yesterday morning, I went to hear Frank Barker give an overview of Eschatology. He touched on many ideas during a short period of time. I left a little frightened and convinced that Tim LaHaye knows even less about theology than he does about sex. (And if you've read his book about sex, you know that is very little indeed.)

I'm left with an image of a schizophrenic God who seeks to save, but permits horrible things to happen to his people. I come to realize that I have a very small and pitiful faith. We have to have the faith that God does work things together for our good. This is difficult. We start from the place of wanting to have that faith.

Now for the salad.

David and I watched the gubernatorial debates on Monday night to see what the gubers had to say about the future of Alabama should they be elected. (Sorry, had to go there.) Bob Riley caught my attention by saying that the reason people in Montgomery keep making fun of Lucy and saying that she doesn't understand things is because she doesn't. After that, Lucy reminded me of a little wet chicken running around bawking loudly but saying little. I expected one of her handlers to come out and grab an egg from under her skirt. The debate gave me a new insight into sexism. Lucy really can't play with the Big Boy Gubers. She just didn't bring her big-girl game.

Next up was the debate of the candidates for lieutenant guber. I think that Luther Strange is, and I like the way that Little Jim Folsom taw-uk-s. There's something about him that I like even though he is probably as crooked as his little old grandma. I think he wears lipgloss.

Lucy Baxley for Gubernor!


Anonymous said...

I looked @ the book through the link - you kind of get an idea that it's the people who love LaHaye against the people who hate LaHaye via the comments section. So sad. I'll probably never read it - just as I'll never read any of the left behind books [I thought about it once - to try to have "evangelistic" conversations with people - but quickly realized that it probably wouldn't hold my interest enough to dive in...as well as realizing other things].

I have no idea what you're talking about with the melted faces and hope that you will feel the urging of the spirit [as well as my request] to go a little more in depth as to what you're talking about.

susan said...

Hi Gene! I agree with you about the comments on Amazon about LaHaye, and I think it's kind of sad, too. My primary criticism of this particular book is that his "advice" ranges from silly to impossible to possibly dangerous. Don't waste your reading time with it. (Unless you're up for a laugh.)

About melted faces, I confess that I know just enough about Eschatology to be dangerous. I'm sure you understand more than I do. Frank Barker came to a Bible Study I'm in at B'wood to counter some Dispensationalist Pre-Mellennial views we're going to be exposed to in the coming weeks. (It's a Beth Moore study, but apparently this is the view LaHaye subscribes to as well.) In my understanding, people who subscribe to those views believe we'll all be raptured before the tribulation. FB subscribes to amillennialism (sp?) and believes we (Christians) will go through the tribulation and be tested and tried severely. Apparently, this view is very widely held in the PCA. I didn't know this.

I was kind of referencing a verse that FB cited from Zechariah 14:12 that refers to people's faces...well melting. Kind of. (In context,it's about a plague on Israel after they, as a nation, decide to follow Christ.This is some pretty wild stuff!)

So, God is prepared to send us through the tribulation. I do believe that God is good, but I need faith that His vision is larger than mine and therefore what's good to Him is different than what's good to me.

I hope that makes some kind of sense and that I've done justice to what FB said. They made a recording of what he taught, so I bet they will have it in the B'wood Bookstore if you are interested. (One thing I LOVE about B'wood is that you can get really good teaching about anything at almost any time there. We don't have that at RMC.)


susan said...

Not that we don't have good teaching at RMC, because we do. (I know you know what I mean!)


Anonymous said...

Dispensationalism is one of Satan's greatest 20th century achievements. It narrowly beat out the invention of television (but the two go hand in hand).