Friday, February 01, 2008

Sweetness Follows

Dear Susan,

We are pleased to inform you that your abstract has been accepted for the 2008 TTU Symposium of English Studies, “Shifting Paradigms: All Things English.” Your session will allow a twenty-minute reading or presentation of your paper. At this time, if you have any technology needs, please respond to this email so that we may prepare to accommodate your request. You may find more information and the registration form by visiting our website at We look forward to seeing you on March 15th!

Symposium of English Studies Committee
Tennessee Tech University


Elisa M said...

congrats Su!

Jeff and Brandi Koonce said...

yay susan! :) I'm very proud of you.

susan said...

Economy, Ecology and Ethics: Moby-Dick in a 21st Century Context.

Riveting stuff. If you're a big nerd.

Carla Jean said...