Monday, February 11, 2008

Conference Paper

Here is the paper I presented at the SWAC conference this weekend.
It isn't really "scholarly," so it won't (I hope) be a terribly boring read.


G. Twilley said...

We looked @ some pictures online and I thought it funny/interesting to see you and David hanging out with Captain Conway - she was one of my favorite professors in College (although, I had many "favorite" professors @ UofM).

Interesting word verification: hdmop - High Def mop? cool.

susan said...

She was so generous to let me piggy-back off of her conference workshop. She's a really good professor and one of my favorites, too.

I think I need a High Def Mop for all of the low-fi dog hair on the floor.

Charlene said...

Oh Susan Lewis Smith, that was a really good paper. I wish someone had told me that when I was in college. Actually, I wish I had someone to remind me of that every day. Even though I'm technically a writer by profession, I'm constantly dogged by the sense that most of what I write is mimicry!

susan said...

Thanks, Charlene! I think you are 100% original.

Abby said...

Your paper was great and not at all too scholarly (which was appropriate considering your subject matter and appreciated by your audience/me).Very insightful, entertaining, and inspiring. I really appreciated what you had to say and I think it spoke to a dilemma the whole of educators face. How do you encourage learners to be THEIR best and not YOUR best?

susan said...

Thanks, Abby! I sometimes wonder if the elementary education in this state is better than the secondary education. It seems like all the secondary teachers I know are so tied up with tests and state regulations that they can only teach a few basic things and then their students can't do anything else. It makes me sad because I know there are a lot of teachers who really want to help their students learn. (I don't really know what I'm talking about here being that I'm not an educator, though.) The elementary teachers (my mom was an elementary teacher, too) seem to get away with being more creative. (I wonder?)

I bet you are a fantastic teacher.