Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Holding Fast for the End of the World

Hold Fast
This is the badge of the Clan Lewis of MacLeod. It reminds me to Hold Fast to what I know is true about God, myself, and my place in the world. It reminds me to Hold Fast to what I value and what I believe in. It admonishes me that no matter how marred our world is because of sin, God's truth is still the only way up and out of a dark place. Hold Fast.

I often have visions of the end of the world. Prophetic, they probably aren't, but they confirm what I know is true about God and his love for the diversity he has created in men and women all over the world. I see all the members of the Clan Lewis who love him assembled in yellow tartans singing to Mo Ghile Mear (our Hero) who is Jesus finally come to redeem the world from sin. When the world is over, there will be a sea of yellow tartan stretching from Alabama to the top of Jacob's ladder representing all the MacLeods who have gone before me. I think there are members of the Clan waiting for me in Heaven and when I arrive, they will welcome me warmly. "Well done my Good and Faithful Servant." I know that it's His faithfulness that bought my soul and paid the price for my sin.

Until then, I Hold Fast with the strength of Jesus who is the Christ.

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