Sunday, June 18, 2006

Freaky Friday

This Friday, the planets aligned to bring me three of the strangest experiences I've ever had.

The first one happened in the parking lot of the Publix at the Vestavia City Center. I pulled into a parking space next to a woman about my age who was loading her groceries into the driver's-side door instead of the trunk. She kind of had to scoot out of the way for me to pull into the space. When I got out of the car, I said "I'm sorry, I didn't meant to make that difficult for you!" She said "IT'S ALL RIGHT." Her reply was a little curt, but I didn't really give it any more thought. When I got back to the car, there was a note on the windsheild that said "I'm sorry I was short with you. (Bad day...) It was very nice of you to apologize. Thank you." I thought that odd. I suspect that she goes to my church and recognized me. If you're reading this, Mystery Girl, it's all good.

The second thing happened when Amy & I were swimming. A strange, old, very tan man came to the pool and said "This water feels so good I'd like to go skinny dipping. Do you mind?"

The third thing happened when a girl at the symphony asked me to pour water on her. "No seriously," she said about five times. I declined.

This, by the way, is a photograph of our fair city, or more specifically, a sunset.


Rebekka said...

Oh, man. I am so sorry about the much for hospitality. Maybe a pedicure next time, and count me in on this one!

I think the symphony girl was on a certain druggg.

susan said...

Don't get me wrong! The pool was AWESOME!!! It was that old man's junk that was the problem. Thank you so much for letting us swim there. I don't want you to think that we didn't appreciate your hospitality. We so did. Really. I'm sorry if I made it seem that we didn't.


Robert said...

OMG!!! There are snakes in this pool!

I noticed that there are more pictures of Cord, than David on your blog.

Robert said...

The skyline of Bham sucks b/c of that hieght rule.

susan said...

I don't really HAVE any pictures of David that aren't wedding pictures! She's kind of our kid and we love her.
One of those pictures has David's feet in it I think!