Tuesday, April 07, 2009

le pain quotidien

1. Icy water in a soft-spouted sippy-cup is nice when you have a new tooth coming up.

2. I relish the idea of taking two semesters off to spend with my Big Baby and my Little Baby and David. I eat and breathe literature, but I need some time just to be a reader and not a student. My little one will be four months old when I go back, and I'll be ready.

3. My mother-in-law said that being in graduate school, toting around a 9-month-old, selling a house and being pregnant is a lot for one girl to do. That validation was like honey.

4. I have decided to forego the organic co-op in light of the fact that the farmer's market will really be kicking it up before too long.

5. It isn't popular to say, but this little family really is the work of my life. Obviously, not the only work of my life, but the sweetest.

6. A meal from Chez Fon Fon would feed more than my body right now.

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