Monday, June 02, 2008


I hope God gives me the strength to murder my ego so that I can listen to Him and His plans for you instead of making up my own.

I hope God gives me the sense of purpose I'll need to constantly remind you that all of the other ground really is sinking sand when my own will screams for your comfort and ease.

I hope God gives me the courage to let you fail. (Or even to consider it as a possibility.)

I hope God gives me the teeth I'll need to defend you without mercy while you can't defend yourself and stop when you can.

This, I'm afraid, is going to hurt.


Carla Jean said...

Oh, Susan. I am so excited for y'all.

Mod Girl said...

Susan, It will hurt, but it will also delight, thrill, and make your heart sing. I smile every time I think about you and all that is ahead... such a blessed answer to many hopes and prayers!

susan said...

Thank you both. It's starting to get real. I've taken longer to finish final papers.