Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bad Person.

I just heard someone describe her husband as her "Faithful Leader."

When D. comes home tonight, I'm going to put on an apron meet him at the door and say "Hello Faithful Leader. How was your day?" and see if he gets back in the car and goes back to work.

He'll think a Zombie ate my brain.


Abby said...

I'm pretty sure that if all your wearing is an apron, he'll stick around.

susan said...

Abby, I look like a tomato with legs. I'm as round as a basketball. Not too sexy these days.

Elisa M said...

Maybe he will ask you to serve him, and you guys will realize that THAT is the way to a better and holier marriage.
I hope not. that would be stupid

susan said...

If I said that, he would be completely creeped out. BTW, he read this post and said that when he did get home, I met him at the door in pajamas and whined about how tired I am. That's more typical these days. I do often meet him with a double Scotch or Bourbon though. I'm not that removed from 1959. :-)
And, I really am always glad to see him.

Natalie_S said...

Let me guess. Created to Be His Helpmeet is not in your every wife must read list. Have you read /Myth of the Submissive Christian Woman/? That book pretty much sets the record straight without dissing biblical submission.

susan said...

Natalie, I guess I just find myself in the position of being a feminist and a Christian. So, my ideas are kind of bifurcated in some ways. (Or, they appear to be. I don't think they really are.) I love my husband a lot and he loves me and we just kind of work out our weirdness together. That's pretty good for me. I just want his respect as much as his love. I think I was created for a lot of things, not just marriage. Although, I dig it. A lot.

I'd like to read that book.

Natalie_S said...

Myth of the Submissive Christian Woman by Brenda Waggoner. Btw, I really, really don't like Created to be His Help Meet. I don't want you to think I was trying to foist that book onto you. I have a copy of Brenda's book if there's a way I could get it too you, If you like :D

s. wells said...

hi susan,
i found your blog through amanda hannah's (i went to montevallo with her).

i LOVE your writing and this may be the first blog i've found in a while that has interested me to read more than one post.

sarah wells

s. wells said...

p.s. i commented on this post because i thought it was extra awesome. i'm about to get married and i am a Christian/feminist type too. for some reason, and without you saying too much, i understand this post.