Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I've just finished reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid. There is much to say. You should read it, too.


Heidi said...

Hi Susan,
Why should we read it? What is it about?

susan said...

It is the story of a young Pakistani man who moves to the US to go to school and gets a job at a prestigious valuation firm. He experiences a difficult love-affair and then after 9-11, he has to come to terms with his feelings about the US and his home country and make some changes to his life.

That is a very lame summary. The story is told from his point of view as he is speaking to an American tourist (we don't really know if he is a tourist or not, actually) in Pakistan. That really makes it interesting.

I think it's a good read for us Americans who don't often get to consider 9-11 from another point of view. We sometimes have to look hard to find alternate viewpoints.

SO, that's what I think in a poorly-constructed nutshell.

Do we know each other in real life?


Heidi Markgraf, MagnetStreet Weddings said...

No, we don't know each other but I appreciate the way you think.
p.s. hope your meat loaf turned out well.

susan said...

Well, pleased to meet you. And thank you twice.