Friday, December 21, 2007

Weird Dream

Last night, I dreamed that I was walking around a room full of people in brown trench coats. I noticed that as they came in the door, someone gave them a coat and as soon as they put it on, they bowed their head and started to cry. They walked around wringing their hands. When I asked, one of them told me that sadness was God's will for her and that suffering and struggle were signs of authentic faith. Ironically, not one of them questioned the fact that they came in happy and got handed something that made them miserable. Finally, I stood on a chair and said "Don't put on that coat! It's not even yours!"

Then, I woke up. And I wonder this morning how much of the current suffering I see literally overcoming the people around me is something they picked up at the door. Why do we so distrust our basic ability to know when something


Elisa M said...

That's all I can do when I read this. is sigh. I love you.

susan said...

It's a puzzler.

Elisa M said...

just so you know, I meant the sigh in a good way. Like a " yep, makes sense, considering everything" type of sigh. I am now officially rambling.