Thursday, October 25, 2007

Natty Bumppo & The Mississippi Travelers

The makings of my first book? (Don't judge me harshly. I'm not a web designer.)


Elisa M said...

Love it.

Jason Harmon said...

like the site. was it pretty straight forward to make? still don't know the slightest bit of what its about... in all honestly i'm in no way well read.

layljegp (I think the robots are getting smarter... thats a tough string of letters to accurately reproduce)

susan said...

Thanks, y'all! It was really easy to make. I just picked a template from iweb and plugged in my own pictures. I didn't even have to pretend to use html.

Don't worry about not knowing what it is about. I'm not sure I know what it is about at this time. Still, though, if it gets published, you have to buy a copy. (Or at least let me give you one to carry around.)


G. Twilley said...

so - is the website the landing site for your research etc?


susan said...

More like a scribble pad, Gene.