Tuesday, October 16, 2007

from an e-mail I sent today

Seven years ago (at almost exactly this date, actually) I was sitting in a little apartment in Auburn brokenhearted because of a broken engagement. I never thought I'd ever be happy again. But I am. And when I look back at him and at that time, I can't imagine that I was so upset over something that now feels like something I read somewhere. I realize that I don't remember most of the things that happened to me that broke my heart, but I do remember every single time God was faithful to me. All that hurt is gone, but the memory of a faithful God remains.

Anyway, I am humbled and grateful. God has got all of our hopes and all of our heartbreaks in his hands and He is faithful.


kristen said...


I really needed to hear that today.

susan said...

Well, then, it was worth it to write.

Elisa M said...

Yes. yes, yes, yes. I feel the same way. About different circumstances, but the same God. and daily hurts that feel so big.
Thank you.

susan said...

I'm glad you liked it. (I should have sent you the whole e-mail.)