Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've always framed myself--to myself--as someone who must take special precautions to prevent herself from being misused. I've recently had a bit of an epiphany, however, about this lie I've told myself for so long. And it happened at the Atlanta Airport. (As I'm sure, many epiphanies do. At least on television and in some IFC specials.)

My plane from SFO pulled up to the gate about forty minutes from the time my flight to Birmingham was supposed to depart. Forty minutes, at the Atlanta Airport, isn't very much time. Especially when you've got to wheel yourself from Concourse A to Concourse T, and that's the task I had before me. So bent was I on making my plane, that as I was jockeying for a place on that little subway train that moves you between Concourses, I locked eyes with a woman whose heart was also bent on the one (or two) spot(s) left on that train. With my eyes, I plainly told her, I am willing to fight you for this. If you want this spot, it's going to take a lot more from you than your kindergarten-grade intimidation tactics can accomplish. And, despite her fancy shoes and the superior attitude won for her by her shiny shiny hair, she stepped out of my way. And at that moment, I'd say she made a wise choice. Beware the Susanator. Especially on the Ides of March. Susan, armed with a wheelie and an entirely selfish mission, can be fearsome, I admit. Merrily, I sallied forth across an elderly English woman and a family of four as it dawned on me that I am, in fact, not as much of a weenie as I would allow myself (or other people) to admit. And perhaps (of course this is a stretch being that I'm just so darn sweet) I've misused some people in my life. And, frankly, I consider myself to be entirely justified, so long as they started it. This isn't how Jesus would behave in the airport. I'm starting to think that telling me what a weenie I am was a great way for Evil to hide from me what a weenie I'm not.

It will be interesting, for the next few weeks, to figure out where this ephiphanic episode will lead. In the meantime, enjoy the Violent Femmes.

and it's so profound

and I like its rhythm

and I like its sound

it's by a very famous poet

no critic can criticise

and then I pause a moment

and I start to realize

he's tellin'

lies lies lies...

The Violent Femmes


G. Twilley said...

I just wish we could lump visions of "Xtianity" away from visions of "Bush."

That's all...

An to some degree, most of us [I won't be so assuming as to say all] lie to ourselves and to others...I think.

Brian T. Murphy said...

I like your new header photo

susan said...

Hey Gene! I took a picture like yours!!!! I do agree about Christianity and Bush. Do you find that to be any different up there?


G. Twilley said...

Well, I don't think I've seen one W sticker on the back of anyone's vehicle @ church, but most walk there anyways [we live in a different part of the city - it's close, but it would probably take us an hour to walk there or to take the subway]. There's even been some disagreement with policy from the pulpit - but that was one Sunday, and that was also an intern @ the church...and, of course, it wasn't too long [but don't get me wrong, I really like the guy who said it, even if I call him and intern - super guy].

So, altogether, I don't see as much outward support for the Republican Right Christian Machine [I bet this is what Theodore Roosevelt would have called it]...but then, he only has something like 35% approval nationwide anyways...

Does that answer the question?

if not, feel free to e-mail me -