Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stay Home, Southsiders!

The National Organization for Women will be protesting the protesters.

I think I will not be leaving the house. New Woman, All Women is a creepy place. I wouldn't take Corduroy Dog to a vet that looks like that. Every now and then, someone comes out of there on a stretcher and gets taken away in an ambulance with their medical charts pinned to their shirt. It is disturbing. Another thing that is disturbing about abortion clinics in Birmingham is that they kind of have a tendency to screw-up abortions. Operation Save America kind of creeps me out too, or at least Operation Rescue did. NOW also creeps me out. This is going to be a pretty creepy weekend, altogether.

Maybe we could get NAMBLA and PETA and James Dobson and Pat Robertson, too. It could be Birmingham's First Annual Convention on Crazy. Our entire city council could be some of the featured speakers. Valerie Abbot could give a speech about why she doesn't care about the crack houses in Southside, but writes silly letters to national chapters of silly fraternities when their members leave beer bottles in the yards of their unofficial houses. I always get so excited when we can entertain the nation with our crazy Southern antics. Let's ketch us a rattlesnake. I hear them fat uns fries up nice.

Oh, and if anyone can tell me WHAT is going on in that video clip on the OSA blog, I'd appreciate it.
UPDATE: Alabama’s favorite Senator, Hank Erwin and Alabama’s favorite Judge, Roy Moore will be speaking during our Thursday evening rally, July 19, 2007. I think an artery to my brain popped loose just now. Hank Erwin actually had an hour-long discussion on his radio program about women and tattoos. The question was "Can a woman with a tattoo be a godly woman?" People were fired up.
UPDATE AGAIN: When you get tired of Saving America, you can Save Wal-Mart! It's the same organization!
I'm done. For real. (If you subscribe to this blog, do you get an e-mail every time I update? If so, I'm sorry.)


G. Twilley said...

Funny...I thought that clinic had shut down.

While I was training for the Mercedes, I ran between Al's and the clinic one day; there were three elderly people and one police officer standing on the sidewalk [next to Al's, of course - it's illegal to stand on the sidewalk if you are an opponent of abortion - seriously, read the sign]. As I skirted by, one of the fella's yelled "run for Jesus!"

I thought of two things:
1. I should have quoted scripture to him about running.
2. Why are they standing outside of a clinic on saturday when the clinic is open Mon-Fri, and does it take a police officer to come out for the crowd control of 3 elderlies?

susan said...

It's the OTHER clinic that shut down. It was across from the new Southside Precinct.

David got in to a conversation with one of those protesters one time and he turned out to be pretty nice. The Operation Rescue protesters aren't too nice. It's going to be interesting this week, for sure.


kristen said...

That video is disturbing. What the heck are those kids doing?

I do admit that started to cry when I saw this picture:

susan said...

I KNOW. It's so exploitative. I just hated that they took advantage of her by posting that picture. She's somebody's baby, too. Nobody wants an abortion. Nobody actually chooses abortion. I just don't think they see any other options.


kristen said...

Of course they did. And surely, they are wrong. But I really felt for that girl, seeing her pain and sorrow.

susan said...

Me too.

susancloud said...