Monday, July 16, 2007

Listen to the Mandolin Rain

So, Bob Riley asked Alabamians to pray for rain. And it did. And it has been ever since. And all the grass on my street is growing tall, but no body can mow it. Because it won't stop raining. All of my roses are going to bloom again. My tomatoes are blooming again. My allergies are acting up again because everything is growing tall and green under the rain.

And I admit, I was as cynical as everyone else. I'm starting to really believe that God could do any miracle you can think of for everyone to see and if you didn't believe in him already, you wouldn't then either.


Carla said...

On my way to work this morning, I was thinking about how it's been raining on and off for what, at least a week now? Quite possibly longer? And how glorious that is.

Also, your title reminded me of one of my favorite songs, "Raining at Sunset" by Chris Thile.

susan said...

It's very good. Now, the Birmingham Water Works needs to figure out how to get the water through the pipes.

Brian T. Murphy said...

the title of this post made me thing of bruce hornsby.

Elisa M said...

I love reading your writing. Your words sound in my mind like music, fluid and fun and surprisingly soft. I miss you. can we see each other soon? please?
btw, I started my own blog. I wanted people to think I am cool. just kidding. sort of.

susan said...

Thanks, E. Did you get my message the other day? Call me!