Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Southside Walkabout

This afternoon, Corduroy Dog and I went for a walk. It was a beautiful day. I'd say fall is on its way, if not already here. We walked down 16th Street and then down the mountain toward Five Points. At Mellow Mushroom, we saw M.J. who works at Golden Temple. I like M.J. I'm not sure she really knows who I am, but she is always acts like we're old friends. She's from Michigan. She is a lesbian. Some people ran out of Mellow Mushroom to cuddle Corduroy. She loved it.

When we rounded the corner, I saw a homeless man. (The vast majority of the homeless in Birmingham are African American. I do not know why this is true.) He had crooked legs and I prayed a blessing for him. He said "That's a pretty dog and a pretty woman, too." Then, he walked in an alley. I hope he sleeps in a safe place tonight. He was about 70 years old.

Next, we crossed 19th Street on 11th Avenue. A Birmingham City police officer almost ran over us. His siren was blaring. Corduroy Dog didn't budge. She's a good old girl and I bet she would have been a great police dog or a guide dog.

The trees on the mountain are thinking about changing color. The light was sharp and crisp. I love late afternoon sunlight.

We walked home on 11th Avenue. David came home and called us to find out where we had gone. He came and picked us up. When Corduroy saw him, she ran and jumped in his Jeep. She knew just what to do. I love her.

Today, I felt like a part of my community. I felt grounded. I felt home. My heart cannot hold my hope for this city.


ersatz said...

I love your city also. It has so much character, and I think its people are starting to find hope in it. When I came to Birmingham, people were always talking about getting away. Now I don't think they even want to leave. I wish I hadn't been forced to leave.

Home is a good feeling. I haven't felt it in years, and I miss the feeling more than I miss the places.

Carla said...

I keep saying I want to come over and take Cord on a walk with you, but I really mean it! We should do that soon.

susan said...

Do it girl! I'd love it.


susan said...


Part of that "not home" feeling is that you're down there with out Kelly. Don't you think? I think you lurve her.:-)


Rebekka said...

That's awesome, Susan.

susan said...

Thanks. :-)


Jason Harmon said...

WORD!!!!... BHAM 4 LIFE!!!

(well... at least bham 4 a good while.... I like it here a lot too)

susan said...


I just really want to "suck the marrow out of life" RIGHT NOW! I hope so much for the future sometimes that it robs the now of it's joy.