Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shouldn't we be pissed?

Our President scares me. It's not cool to say, I know. It isn't socially acceptable for me to admit the niggling fear that the leadership of this President might facilitate a more complete embrace of the "Culture of Death" that J.P. II envisioned, but when I heard him make a crack at the Special Olympics on Leno, I had a vision of my country somewhere in the jack-booted future and I thought about my little daughter and the little baby coming in October and I wondered if I would love them less if they had disabilities. And I thought about the mothers who do have disabled children and how the President's comments must have cut to the quick. Our President didn't refrain from cracking jokes at their expense and this is a reason for grief. I don't think that this offhanded comment can be dismissed without frank consideration of what intention it may belie. This is our President speaking in public.

I am afraid that the last vestiges of an American culture that protected and valued the weak are being broken away and we're all too concerned with the Almighty Economy and the Thrill of Expected Change that we aren't noticing. We're being lied to when we're told that many of our methods of birth-control are "safe and effective." We're being lied to when we're told that it is harder to face an unplanned pregnancy than it is to have abortions. We're embracing lies when we don't admit that there are indeed abortionists and pro-choice individuals who really do embrace the radical ideas of eugenics and hierarchies of individual value that fueled the industrial murder of the Third Reich. We understand. We have compassion. But we must admit that many of the little girls marched into abortion clinics are the "weak who have no choice but to submit to the will of the strong" as J.P. said.

I'm not a Republican or even a Conservative, really. But I am a mother, and I can't bear to see the value of these little ones swept away in a tide of misplaced patriotism and the pursuit of some kind of nebulous concept of Change that no one has yet to even define. Christ have mercy on us. We fall off the cliff like lemmings because we fear for how others will perceive us and trust in anything to preserve our money. Human beings haven't evolved some kind of better conscience or moral fiber since 1938. Rest assured.

I will be uncool. I will admit that these are frightening times.


Ginny said...

well said Su!

Robert said...

Su... I've got news. What he's doing with the economy is also morally bankrupt.

Obama is the bartender. He's serving up shots of irresponsibility, apathy and his best (strongest) drink entitlement. America should have gotten cut off years ago, but this bartender is going to liquor people up until they get so sick that they almost die. The sober people are saying "stop listening to that bartender, hes making you sick". The drunkards are like, "you're just saying that b/c the bartender is black and you're a racist, don't be a party pooper". The bad news is that the people that drink will probably throw up on the people that don't. So we're all pretty messed up.

After we get cleaned up the next day, we realize that we left our credit card at the bar. uh-oh.

But the good news is that after that, no one will believe that the bartender is our friend. Perhaps a few will actually listen to someone else.

amy :) said...

i think we would be more pissed if we all didn't have stockholm syndrome...

and i agree. well said.
i read a related blog about disabilities this week you might like to read. i think sensitivity must start at home and not in the media.