Friday, May 23, 2008

just a few randoms

I'm tired.

I want to eat a watermelon. Like right now. And I'm gonna.

David wore the empathy belly last night at class and I realized that he already had a lot of empathy. He didn't pretend it was easy to roll out of bed, unlike all the other dads who were jumping around squeezing the boobies and saying "why are you always complaining then?" You should never put a redneck in a suit with big boobies. This is a good lesson for everyone. They have some kind of reflex that makes them incapable of humane interaction with others when faced with such over-stimulation. But they are funny nonetheless.

I miss school and I'm ready to get back.

I'm already tired of elastic pants. (I never ever thought I could tire of elastic pants! Who woulda thunk it?)

It's cheaper to go to the hospital and get cut open than it is to take a Golden Retriever to the vet. By quite a lot, actually.

And I realize that this is the most I've written about my adventure to date. Don't expect much more.


amanda hannah said...

"You should never put a redneck in a suit with big boobies."

Quite possibly my favorite quote ever.

Suzanne and Chris Jones said...

omg totally mine too. i want to cross stich it for CJ's office. ONLY kidding. saw you pass tonight, hope you guys were enjoying the night!!!

susan said...

Well, you can see the wisdom can't you? I just thought it was interesting that this was the first aspect of the suit so many dads wanted to "explore."

Suz, if you want to do a crossstitch, I'll totally make the pattern for you.

We had a good night. We're having a good life. After our babies are born, come and drink good wine with me. I am missing it.

Natalie_S said...

Eep! Some things cannot be unseen. Or unimagined.

amy :) said...

and i think paula would agree about the suit. i think making the suits wear the suit would be interesting. can you imagine one in with NO empathy...?

susan said...
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susan said...

Amy, I had to remove my reply because it was mean and resulted in name calling. Suffice it to say. I can imagine that person in the empathy belly and I think it might be somewhat helpful to that particular person to make use of it.