Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bear Stearns Rhapsody

Another bond-market ballad from the Singing Trader (click here to see some of his other handiwork.)

Is this the real price?
Or is this just bankruptcy?
Financial landslide!
No escape from CNBC.

Open your eyes
and look at BSC highs and see
I'm now a poor goy.
Mortgage Backed casualty
Because i bought the high, watched it blow.
Ratings high... value low.
Any way the Fed goes does it really matter... too me.

And the original:


erstwhile said...

Nice plagiarization! The original was called "CDO Fantasy" and was posted on Wilmott.com by me (Erstwhile). "No escape from CNBC" is a better line than "No escape from reality". Maybe I will steal your line and improve mine - thanks.

susan said...

Neat! Good to know. (and the CNBC line--like all of the others--wasn't mine,so go ahead and jack it.)