Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Thunder Storm

Today, I remembered that Friederich Burgmuller is good therapy. When I play alone, I sing along. One of my very favorite Burgmuller pieces is called "Ballade." When I play it I sing "NowI'mveryangry. NowI'mveryangry. Ha. Ha. Now I'm GLAAAAD!!! I'm GLAAAAAAAD!" (Here's a video of a little girl playing it, so that you can sing at home, too. Try it. It's good for you.)

My poor little piano hasn't been so abused in its entire life. I love my piano lessons because my teacher has an elegant grand piano that makes a beautiful sound--much better than my little spinet. Sometimes, my teacher plays her little digital piano and I play the big piano and we play duets. I love to see how loud I can make her piano get. I feel that if my piano was a person, she'd be a little old lady named Dottie and she would say, Do you have to mash my pedals so hard, sugar? My piano teacher's piano would be a man in a tuxedo named Captain Picard and he would probably, in an English accent, make fun of how poorly I play. Frankly, I find your Beethoven to be a bit twee, he would say. And I would say Shut up, Captian Picard, or I'm gonna mash your pedals.

P.S. They say that if you look into a mirror and say "Bloody Burgmuller" three times, a little Asian lady will creep up behind you and play a duet with you! I can't wait to try it.


amanda hannah said...

I always tried to play that song, but my left hand was too retarded to do it. It's a good one.

Remind me to never say "Bloody Burgmuller" while looking into a mirror. That lady was kind of creepy. But she had on some nice fish nets.

susan said...

I feel bad for the little girl in a way because she's just kind of hitting the notes. It's such a funny song, though. It's so much fun to play.

It's good that the lady comes out to play. Otherwise, it would be really boring. And actually, it is kind of boring, anyway.

amanda hannah said...

The song itself isn't boring, but the repitition is. It should be a much shorter song.

The creepy lady did make it more interesting. I wonder if she made all that stuff up?

G. Twilley said...

Would her piano also issue orders to stun only and to engage at warp factor 7?

sara said...

You make me want to play again. My piano teacher never wore fish nets, but I think that's a very good thing. And what about the dog? A little odd, all the way around, but I was thinking "angry" then "happy" so it did its trick.

susan said...

AH, there are A LOT of repeats. It's fun to just kind of start playing whatever. Miss Jane can play that duet, too, so I don't think Miss Fishnet made it up.

Gene, indeed!

Sara, I bet my piano teacher wore fishnets in the day!!