Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tomato Heaven

There are something like seven baby tomatoes on my German Queen this morning. One of my neighbors calls it a "Drag Queen." She says that would be more appropriate in this neighborhood. When she tells a joke, one of her eyes does a little half wink and her mouth kind of puckers up. She plants sticks in her yard and they grow into Oak Leaf Hydrangeas. That's her spiritual gift. I think she sneaks around at night and takes cuttings of other neighbor's plants and makes them grow in her laboratory. It doubles as a kitchen. I imagine her mug-shot. She'd be posed front-side-otherside with gloves and garden shears.

I've a Better Bush plant as well. It's not an heirloom like the German Queen, but it works it's heart out making smallish red fruit out of air and soil and water. (And Miracle Grow, of course.) Last weekend, I planted a Super Fantastic and a Mr. Stripey. I'm wishing them well. They're my friends and I'll have to learn how to salvage their seeds to bring them back next year.

The hollyhocks are growing brilliantly. Last year, their flowers were pure white, but this year I've got some pinks too. They came off the same seed, so I'm not sure how that is possible. It makes me happy and reminds me of Marguritte who gave them to me two summers ago. I've got more than I can manage and I'm happy. I hope Marguritte is doing half as well as her hollyhocks.

The sunflowers look like weeds in the flowerbed. I wonder how long I can continue to grow unruly weeds in my flowerbed and strange vines in 5-gallon buckets on the front stoop before I get a letter from the city.


Lisa said...

susan, you got me on the hollyhock set the bait, I got in the trap...things just got a bit busy here on Poinciana Drive, but I will be calling you to see if the offer is still open for coffee and hollyhocks soon!

rebekka said...

I've been so out of the blog ring lately and I hate it. I need to go back and read your last couple.

Speaking of you, what are you doing for Memorial day? We'll be around, and would so love to see you for five minutes. I actually have a present for you!

Andrew and/or Amy said...

susan, this has nothing to do with flowers (which i actually don't know anything about, but i think are very pretty), but all that you said about marriage is really true.
those two engaement monsters (and they really weren't even monsters to begin with) do become two newly-wed,um, doves(?). and they begin to really like each other.
at least that's what happened to us.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool. When you find out what changes hollyhock color let me know. Next time I'm around intorduce me to the Hydranga lady. Mine arn't doing so well.

susan said...

Lisa, I'm around! Gimme a call.

Rebekka, I was in Tennessee! I'm sorry I missed you, but I'd love for you to come to Tullahoma and swim with us soon.

Andrew, I'm so glad. I'm not surprised, though. You're going to have a happy happy marriage. This is a prophetic word. Enjoy it every day. A good marriage has the ability to make everything better.

Daddy, she actually lives in your neighborhood!