Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The topic of my next post...should I ever get around to it

"...the deeper question is whether American evangelicals can live without the alarmism that is so comfortably familiar to them. Evangelicals, by my observation, thrive on fear of impending catastrophe, accelerating decay, apocalyptic curses that demand immediate action (and maybe money.)" Christian Smith


Robert said...

Some examples

kristen said...

So true. In our circles, we might not do dispy doom and gloom but it's one theological catastrophe after another and is that really any different? I freakin' love Chris Smith. (He was my professor in college.)

susan said...

Robert, those pictures cracked me up.
Kristen, you should see the article he wrote in Books and Culture. It was excellent. You had such a rich experience in college. I was talking to my nephew yesterday about his classes and I was just overwhelmed with a feeling that I really did have a sub-par education. Then again, I was kind of a sub-par student.